Thursday, 14 June 2012

bad girls do it well

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Sunday, 10 June 2012

michael fassbender: domestic abuse allegations.

michael fassbender?
more like
michael i-beat-up-my-wife-in-2009-and-the-people-that-know-that-and-still-like-me-are-benders

domestic violence is absolutely intolerable, but you cannot use a mere whisper of an alleged incident of that nature to punish a man that has not been proven guilty.  the charges relating to this alleged incident (notably a restraining order; not an abuse charge) were filed 2 years after the alleged event and subsequently dropped by the claimant.  said claimant has since been photographed willingly socialising with fassbender at a private event.

this is not a chris brown/rihanna scenario, in which there was indisputable proof - photographs of rihanna’s bloodied and bruised face quickly emerged, and chris brown went on to plead guilty.  if miss andrews had a strong, credible case, she would have been advised not to drop her restraining order and moreover the courts would have ensured that fassbender was investigated under the premise of abuse charges - not just under the guise of a restraining order.  it would have been in the public interest to bring fassbender to trial and prosecute him if there was evidence to do so, as ultimately this is what the court serves.

such evidence has never transpired, and if the law finds him innocent then we must too.  remember that we don’t even fucking know fassbender, his ex or any details as to what really happened.  if you really care for victims of domestic abuse and bringing their perpetrators to trial, go and help your local domestic abuse charity and do what you can to make a difference.  do your research, campaign, educate your friends and family.  don’t idly reblog tumblr text posts condemning a man based on perez hilton/daily mail level speculation.

i am a feminist to the core and will always fight for both female and male empowerment, but i will never support vilifying someone on the basis of chinese whispers.

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Saturday, 2 June 2012

foxy lady



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