Monday, 21 February 2011

on my floor

do me good

and all this craziness will disappear

it's like he was designed with me in mind
he's so broad from behind, he's beautifully defined
i missed him most of all when it got late
pretend to hear him breathing, or hear his shifting weight

eltfest reunion, last year

polaroid 600

Sunday, 20 February 2011




Saturday, 19 February 2011

cv updates, as suggested by my mother

'in my current role i get overworked, underpaid, thoroughly abused and generally pissed off to saturation. i am surrounded by incompetent, challenged, backward pikeys. half the time i don't know what on earth they are saying, and other the half, im grateful that i don't. i look at them, and begin to see the merit in the final solution which regrettably was employed for all the wrong reasons.'

curtain road, EC2A

a few of the pictures i took from my older sister's former hoxton flat


somewhat of a morbid fascination with nautical disasters doesn't bode well when accompanied by a semi-severe phobia of any sea vessel larger than a rowing boat. not to mention the cringey, unexpected mindfuck panic i feel when i look at propellers of any size, dry docked or immersed.
sucks to be me.

if only i could be more like violet jessop: she survived two sinkings (titanic included) and another maritime collision:

'while the britannic was sinking she jumped out of a lifeboat to avoid being sucked into the britannic's propellers. she was sucked under the water and struck her head on the ship's keel before being rescued by another lifeboat. she later stated that the cushioning due to her thick auburn hair helped save her life. she had also made sure to grab her toothbrush before leaving her cabin on the britannic, saying later that it was the one thing she missed most immediately following the sinking of the titanic.'

a maritime pin-up of the early 1900s? i think so! i imagine pert, unsinkable boobs!

i feel like

i hate the world

haters you can KILL YOURSELVES lalalala...

obscure tetris and other

cat says:
i dunno. seriously
i have some form of teretsz
i don't swear but i am so inspired to say the most random thing i can think of

louisa says:
it's tourettes not teretsz!
this isn't some obscure brand of hungarian tetris, this is a fucking mental disease!!

dropping my hours down at work from a soul-sucking 35 to an acceptable 20